Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Hysan. It governs the way we work with our stakeholders — from our investors and tenants to our staff and customers — as well as the programmes we initiate to make our community a better place to live, work and play. Sustainability is also about living up to our environmental responsibilities and setting an example of how a property company should manage its resources for a greener future. All of this and more are why we at Hysan say we are a “Business for Life”.

Corporate Responsibility Policy

Our approach to sustainability is underpinned by our Corporate Responsibility Policy, which guides us in the way we treat our stakeholders, address environmental concerns and contribute to society. As a result of our sustainability policy and practices, we have received widespread recognition by some of the leading sustainability indices in the world.

The Environment

Since commercial buildings can have a major impact on the environment, particularly with regard to the consumption of resources, we have implemented a number of measures to manage our energy and water use more efficiently. We have also taken steps to reduce the waste we generate and to recycle it as far as possible.

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Green Partners

We seek out partners with expertise in sustainability so that our efforts are closely matched with the needs of the community. In addition to the government’s Environmental Protection Department and leading NGOs, we work closely with our tenants to create unique green environments in our properties. Among these is Hysan Place’s Urban Farm, a model for how property companies can apply innovative thinking to overcome sustainability challenges.


Although we provide financial support to many worthwhile causes, we would rather become directly involved through meaningful activities that bring our people together with stakeholders in the community. These activities range from organising tours of our Urban Farm to hosting Hike and Run events and sponsoring arts and cultural events that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Another of our priorities is the development of youth, especially those from disadvantaged groups.