The Business of Work, Lifestyle and Living

Hysan’s core businesses are property investment, management and development. Our portfolio of high-quality office, retail, and residential tenant space is predominantly set in the city’s renowned commercial heart of Causeway Bay.

This concentration of buildings within our Lee Gardens precinct offers synergy between the sectors, creating a city within the city where workers, tenants, businesses and residents thrive. With opportunities for recreation, social life, work, and play all in one destination, Lee Gardens is a dynamic destination with a community feel.

Lee Gardens Offices is ideal for companies that value efficiently designed business environments and care about employee work-life balance.
2.4M Sqft
Premium office space
Our retail portfolio offers a unique shopping experience under the Lee Gardens brand.
Around 300
Shops across 9 buildings
Our residential portfolio mainly comprises the Bamboo Grove development in Mid-Levels with top-class facilities and one-stop personalised services.
Luxury apartments

Our balanced dual-engine portfolio with synergies generated by the two main segments, Office and Retail, provides a stable platform for the Company. With approximately 4.5 million square feet of prime tenant space, Hysan’s combination portfolio ensures it remains resilient to unexpected disruptions and impacts.


Hysan strives to deliver sustainable growth in shareholder returns. By creating and adding value to our existing portfolio, responding to customers’ changing tastes, and exploring new investment opportunities, we reap the benefits of success, together.


With a portfolio concentrated in one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, Hysan is in a unique position of being able to apply its sustainability model in a real-life close-knit community setting.

At Hysan, sustainability is at the heart and soul of everything we do.

We believe in our commitment to engaging with communities and delivering on mutual aims. Through collaboration, innovation and responsible practices to create a more sustainable and resilient future.