Doing Our Part for the Planet

At Hysan, environment-related initiatives lie at the heart of our sustainable business practices.

In caring for the environment, we strive for responsibility and accountability for a greener future. This involves compliance with all applicable environmental and related legislation and encouraging staff, business partners, and other stakeholders to meet their environmental obligations.

We continually identify the environmental impacts associated with our operations and set targets to continually improve our environmental performance.

Environmental Policy

Hysan’s Environmental Policy is a declaration of our commitment to the planet. Our policy focuses on four major areas:

  • Carbon Reduction
  • Waste Reduction at Source
  • Green Purchasing
  • Stakeholder Engagement

For Hysan’s Environmental Policy, please refer to here.

Climate Resilience and Adaptation

Recognising that buildings contribute significantly to carbon emissions and energy consumption, we have included decarbonisation and fossil fuel reduction in our sustainability strategy. We are developing a climate action plan and set a pathway towards net-zero carbon, making reference to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) for better adaptation and resilience.

Green Buildings

As a property developer and manager, we have a crucial role to play in minimising our impact on the environment, reducing electricity consumption by optimising the way we design and build new properties, as well as translating climate measures into our business operations. To date, we have obtained green building certifications for 46% of Hysan’s portfolio area:

Hysan Place: LEED – Platinum, BEAM Plus – Platinum
Lee Garden One: BEAM Plus – Platinum
Lee Garden Three: LEED – Gold, BEAM Plus – Platinum, CGBL – 2 Stars

Waste Reduction at Source

In densely populated cities like Hong Kong, the disposal of waste is a significant environmental challenge. Hysan is dedicated to managing its waste in a responsible way, and we support and encourage our stakeholders to do the same.
We seek to minimise waste generation whenever practical in daily operations through source reduction and recycling. In recognition of the adoption of measures to reduce the amount of waste we generate, all commercial and residential buildings in our portfolio were awarded a full set of “Class of Excellence” Wastewi$e labels under the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification Scheme.

Sustainable Procurement

Our commitment to sustainable procurement is a key part of our sustainability efforts and dedication to the surrounding community. Wherever possible, we embrace sustainable purchasing practices and adopt best practicable technologies to conserve natural resources. We actively engage our suppliers on managing environmental and social risks of the supply chain, and continually take steps to integrate more green products throughout our operations.

For Hysan’s Sustainable Procurement Policy, please refer to here.

Stakeholder Engagement

The involvement of stakeholders in our environmental endeavours is an essential part of our Sustainability Policy. We actively involve our staff, shareholders, tenants, and the wider community by engaging them in dialogue on environmental and climate change challenges and involving them in the decision-making process.

Promote Biodiversity: Hysan Urban Farm

Found on the rooftop of one of Hong Kong’s greenest buildings – Hysan Place – and spanning approximately 8,000 square feet, Hysan Urban Farm has been one of the Company’s main community engagement and green building education projects since 2013.

In partnership with local NGO, the Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation (SEED), Hysan conducts hands-on workshops in organic farming with around 100 urban farmers per workshop. Three workshops are conducted a year, each lasting 14 weeks. Workshop participants learn to grow different seasonal vegetables and enjoy the fruitful harvest of their hard work. Local schools are also invited to the farm, creating opportunities for students to learn how to grow their own organic food and inspiring the next generation on the possibilities of urban farming.

Hysan is delighted to play a part in the #BuildingABetterFuture series, a series of mini-documentary style films exploring green buildings around the world, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions who works in partnership with the World Green Building Council. Hysan’s film explores how Hysan Place and its rooftop farm bring inspiring experiences and sustainable-living practices to the communities of today and for generations to come.