The Environment

Hysan’s Environmental Policy focuses on four major areas:

  1. Carbon reduction
  2. Waste reduction at source
  3. Green purchasing
  4. Stakeholder engagement

Under our Environmental Policy, we will

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental and related legislation and encourage staff, business partners and other stakeholders to meet their environmental obligations
  • Identify environmental impacts associated with our operations, and set targets to continually improve our environmental performance
  • Improve energy efficiencies by adopting best practicable designs and technologies without compromising service
  • Measure and report our GHG emissions, and actively encourage our stakeholders to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Minimise waste generation whenever practical in daily operations through source reduction and recycling
  • Embrace green purchasing practices and adopt best practicable technologies to conserve natural resources where applicable
  • Provide good indoor environmental quality in our buildings to ensure that all the work/living environments are healthy
  • Provide regular environmental training to employees and continue to raise their awareness on the issues
The greenery improve the microclimate and biodiversity of Causeway Bay.

Energy Efficiency

With our effort on energy saving, we reduced energy consumption progressively in the past years. These reductions were due to successful implementation of numerous energy savings initiatives.

Energy Savings Initiatives

We continued our energy savings quest through the identification of locations where more energy efficient products, including energy-efficient air cooled chillers, variable speed drives for air handling units (AHUs), T5 lighting panels for offices and LED lights, could be installed. Modernisation of existing lifts and adoption of energy-efficient variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) type lift power system are in progress. For our new development Lee Garden Three, full LED lights with photo sensors have been installed in office space which provides excellent low lighting power density to the space (around 40% lower than the local Building Energy Code for office light power density). Retail shopping mall and façade lighting are also equipped with LED lights to achieve energy saving purpose.

Indoor Air Quality

All our buildings have continued to be recognised by the Hong Kong Government’s Indoor Air Quality Certification Scheme with “Excellent Class” or “Good Class” certifications.

Green Building Recognition and Certifications

Hysan is committed to managing our impact on the environment and the community. A main focus in recent years has been the development and maintenance of green buildings. In 2017, our 20-year old Lee Garden One’s office section successfully achieved Final Platinum rating under the BEAM Plus (Existing Buildings) certification scheme. Our renowned sustainability-minded building, Hysan Place, also achieved Provisional Platinum rating under the BEAM Plus (Existing Buildings) certification scheme. Lee Garden Three, our new commercial building project achieved Provisional Platinum rating under the BEAM Plus (New Buildings) certification scheme, as well as United States Green Building Council’s LEED for Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell Development pre-certification at the Gold level.

Lee Garden Three

For Lee Garden Three, our new commercial building project scheduled for completion in late 2017, we are pursuing the highest level of the BEAM Plus (New Buildings) green standard, as well as LEED certification by the US Green Building Council.

Air Quality

In regard to our promotion of the use of electric vehicles in order to reduce urban pollution, Lee Garden Three’s car park provides 100% standard EV provision for all car parking spaces at the basement parking floors which encourages the use of such vehicles. These initiatives further complement our charging bays in Lee Garden One, Lee Garden Two and Leighton Centre, the Tesla Motors Superchargers in Lee Garden One car park, and the charging sockets in Hysan Place’s parking lot.

Electric vehicle charging bay in Lee Garden One
Electric vehicle charging bay in Lee Garden One

Waste Management, Recycling and Water Consumption

In densely populated cities like Hong Kong, disposal of waste is a significant environmental challenge. Hysan is dedicated to managing our waste in a responsible way and we encourage our stakeholders to do the same. All the commercial and residential buildings under Hysan’s portfolio were awarded a full set of “Class of Excellence” Wastewi$e labels under the Government’s Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification Scheme. Moving forward, we will expand the type of recyclables we collect and we will strengthen our efforts to engage our tenants in regard to recycling.

Over the years, we have made significant effort in reducing total potable water use. By installing more water saving devices, as well as reinforcing our staff’s mindset to conserve water, we have reduced our potable water used for properties and landscaping in recent years.

Green Procurement

Hysan has long nurtured a sustainable mindset, due mainly to our belief in long-term stewardship of both our portfolio and the surrounding community. Recently, we have been actively procuring and using more green products and services throughout our daily operations. Two Well#, smart water refill stations have been installed at Hysan Place and Lee Garden Two to provide clean, quality drinking water to the public and to encourage them to use fewer single-use plastic bottles.

Urban Microclimate and Biodiversity

Lee Garden Three’s new tenants can enjoy the benefits of a green roof, which helps to reduce the building’s heat island effect and improve the area’s microclimate. They can also enjoy to a brand new “Butterfly Garden” with flora to attract butterflies, which enhances the building’s biodiversity.

Our existing buildings’ green features also contribute to enhancing the microclimate and improving biodiversity. Hysan Place’s rooftop Urban Farm and its Sky Wetland are prime examples of this drive for sustainability, and they also double up as hands-on laboratories for green education. In addition, Lee Garden One’s shopping mall structure benefits from a green roof.

Butterfly Garden at Lee Garden Three (left) and Sky Wetland at Hysan Place (right)