Business of Life: Retail

Causeway Bay is one of the most dynamic retail hubs in Hong Kong — and Hysan kicks it up a notch with a vast range of lifestyle and shopping experiences at every price point, as well as trend-setting bars and restaurants to suit even the most discerning palate.

Business of Life: Office

Hysan offers a selection of fully-appointed quality offices that make doing business here a pleasure. With the added convenience of major transportation connections to all of Hong Kong, it’s little wonder that Hysan is home to leading companies in a wide range of industries.

Business of Life: Events

Causeway Bay is always full of activity, but when a special event takes place, that’s when things really come to life in our malls.  From games that merge sports and technology, to glittering festive displays: Hysan’s vibrant event venues have something for everyone.

Business of Life: Communities

Hysan has always been an inseparable part of Causeway Bay, where we are constantly working to bring the community even closer together. The activities we support in this dynamic district with a unique heritage range from glamourous street events to memorable history tours.

Business of Life: Technology

We strive to merge cutting edge technology and delighting customer experience into everything we offer. Our special online to offline shopping opportunities serve as a perfect example of how we can exceed customers’ expectations.

Business of Life

Past. Present. Future.

About us

Hysan is a leading property investment, management and development company in Hong Kong, with a portfolio of more than 4 million square feet of high-quality office, retail and residential properties. Operating primarily in the city’s prime retail/office district of Causeway Bay, we are focused on delighting our customers and providing investors with outstanding returns.
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Our Business and Approach

As a dynamic and progressive company, we create value with a portfolio of properties that exceeds the expectations of our tenants and stakeholders. These cover a wide spectrum of quality office buildings, contemporary, trend setting retail shops in Causeway Bay, and luxury residential accommodation in the heart of the Mid-Levels.


Our retail portfolio offers a unique shopping experience under the Lee Gardens brand.


Lee Gardens Offices is ideal for companies that want efficiently designed business environments and care about employee work-life balance.


Our residential portfolio comprises the Bamboo Grove development in Mid-Levels with top class facilities and one-stop personalised services.

Hysan’s roots run deep in Causeway Bay, which over the decades has grown to become one of the world’s busiest retail and commercial hubs.

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Since the beginning Hysan has been part of the fabric of Causeway Bay, helping to create a rich and vibrant community appreciated by both residents and visitors alike.
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