Green Partners

We work with four main groups of stakeholders as our green partners:

  1. Government bureaus and departments
  2. Tenants, visitors and the general public
  3. Staff members
  4. Green organisations

Hysan is committed to partnering a broad spectrum of environmental organisations to help promote the message of sustainability. Here are the examples:

  • Business Environment Council’s “Fostering Sustainable Consumption for Hong Kong Business and the Community” Programme as Sustainable Consumption Enterprise
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council’s “Green Shop Alliance” (Hysan Place)
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council’s “Green Shop Alliance Task Force”
  • Business Environment Council’s “Waste Advisory Group”
  • World Wide Fund for Nature’s Earth Hour
  • Green Sense’s No Air Con Night
  • Greeners Action Lai See Packets Recycling
  • Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association’s Wood Recycling and Tree Conservation Scheme
  • Redress’s “Get Redressed x Miele Clothing Drive”