Green Partners

We work with four main groups of stakeholders as our green partners:

  1. Government bureaus and departments
  2. Tenants, visitors and the general public
  3. Staff members
  4. Green organisations

Hysan partners with green organisations through participation in projects or sponsorships. The following are just some the projects we supported in 2016:

  • World Wide Fund for Nature’s Earth Hour
  • Business Environment Council’s BEC EnviroSeries Conference
  • Green Sense’s No Air Con Night
  • Greeners Action’s Lai See Packets Recycling
  • Jockey Club CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab’s Zero Carbon Hong Kong Inno Day: Sustainable Living 2016
  • Friends of the Earth’s Achieving Zero Waste Practices through Urban Farming
  • Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association’s Wood Recycling and Tree Conservation Scheme
  • Hong Kong Green Building Council and Professional Green Building Council’s Green Building Award 2016