Community Contributions

Partnerships with Lee Gardens Association

As an integral member of the Lee Gardens neighborhood, we have joined forces with local stakeholders to enliven the community by establishing the Lee Gardens Association (LGA). LGA’s aim is to create a unified business community with the purpose of promoting the Lee Gardens area to Hong Kong consumers and overseas visitors through events, activities, and improvements to the local environment. LGA also provides a platform for retail/food and beverage services, enabling members to share views and engage government departments and the local District Council. The ultimate goal of the association is to ensure the sustainable growth of the Lee Gardens area.


Promotion of other meaningful causes

As part of its CSR effort, Hysan supports a range of environmental and healthy living initiatives. For example, the urban farm at Hysan Place rooftop remain one of Hong Kong’s best-loved environmental attractions. We also promote a healthy living style through active involvement in activities like the Rugby Sevens and the “Hysan Hike and Run”.

We also make good use of our venues to promote arts and culture to the public. Top international violinist Rachel Barton Pine held a performance at Hysan Place with local young players which captivated a full-house audience. Apart from performance-based events, we have also provided prominent venues to different organisations for artistic displays such as the sound installation piece UNLESS by Swiss artist Dimitir de Perrot in collaboration with the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

Hysan also provides venue support to various non-profit making organisations for a wide range of meaningful activities for the community.