Start of a Long Hot Summer


We have kicked off the start of the long summer here at Lee Gardens. Having hosted top international violinist Rachel Barton Pine earlier in June, Hysan Place’s atrium became the performing auditorium of dozens of Po Leung Kuk schools on a lovely late June weekend. The event celebrated the 70th birthday of the Kuk’s education arm, and was also a Hong Kong 20th anniversary feature event. From dancing Pokémon characters to young plate spinners, and from lion dancers to a classy flash mob orchestra, the Kuk school children mesmerised the audience.

The event spilled out onto Lee Theatre’s Piazza (with more songs and dances) and the office lobby of Lee Garden One (very interesting art pieces) for a grand finale at Pak Sha Road that was barely dampened by a brief shower. “This was one of the best talent show events we have hosted here in recent years at Lee Gardens,” says Mark Tung, Hysan’s Corporate Communications General Manager. “We have been Po Leung Kuk’s neighbour for many decades, and we are a partner when it comes to hosting their major events. We look forward to other means of cooperation and to helping them spread their charitable messages.”

Having barely caught their breath after watching the Kuk performances, mall visitors were treated to another artistic event that same weekend. Top young local directors’ film pieces were shown in the “Beautiful Hong Kong Short Films Programme”. Lovingly crafted by producers and directors of the next generation, the films impressed all those who watched them during the breezy evening showings at Hysan Place’s Sky Garden. The venue is so suitable as an open-air film venue that our friends and neighbours are already asking when the next showings will take place!

And there are more fun and games coming up in July! A massive event involving one of Hysan’s major tenants will grace Hysan Place, Lee Garden One and Lee Theatre, which will thrill book-lovers and those who appreciate lifestyle activities. Spinning off from that will be a festival celebrating a certain dessert: perfect for a summer weekend! For the more nostalgic crowd, mid-July will bring a history exhibition highlighting the role of Lee Gardens Hotel in the development of Causeway Bay. Many memorabilia from the Hotel, not seen in decades, will be showcased right on the ground floor of Lee Garden One’s retail area.

All in all, there will be plenty of things to entertain visitors of all age groups and tastes here at Lee Gardens to start the summer. And, we haven’t even told you anything about August yet!