“The Cityscape” pops up in paper craft and shimmers at Lee Gardens


Committed to promoting pop art in Hong Kong, Hysan Development has been building a cultural ambience in the community through a variety of art exhibitions, which encourage art appreciation and interaction between artists. The Management Trainees (MTs) of Hysan Development have commissioned the Pop-art Series of this year with a massive paper installation, The Cityscape.

For more than a year, Stickyline has been crafting the artwork with more than a thousand paper modules. Lighting artist Allan Au and sound studio Silly Savvy Studio also give a fine touch to the lighting and sound effects for the artwork respectively. The Cityscape is now available at the podium of Lee Garden One till 31 March.


Hysan Development decided to host the indigenous art installation at Lee Garden One, one of Causeway Bay’s best loved shopping destinations. Inspired by Hong Kong as a city, the design team used a thousand paper modules to craft the four-story high paper sculpture to convey the unique cityscape of Hong Kong. Synchronized with lighting and sound effects: homey and cozy lightings, sounds of birds’ tweeting and children playing, the mix-media art installation connects the audience with the elements from our daily life. The artwork brings different viewing pleasure and feels to the audience when viewed from different perspectives, and at different times of the day.


A Ten-year Paper Dream

Lai Yee-hung (Soilworm) and Leung Chi-ching (Mic) from Stickyline, a local paper art design house, are the key artists in the project of The Cityscape. The duo believe art, creation and life are interrelated and hope their artworks could appeal to the public from all walks of life. The Cityscape is their first attempt to incorporate sound and lighting effects into their showpiece. Moreover, the paper modules were tailor-made to suit the exhibition venue and were produced by a local workshop. “The Cityscape was inspired, in particular, by the Hong Kong photo series, In Architecture of Density, by the renowned photographer Michael Wolf,” explained the duo about their creative ideas. “In his photos, building windows are crammed in a photo frame to make a neat pattern, yet every window has its own story to tell about an individual family. Likewise, each of the paper modules in The Cityscape also tells a different story with different lighting and sounds. Viewers will find the art installation relatable and accessible. It’s like having a bird’s eye view of Causeway Bay.”

Stickyline started their paper art creations in 2011. The duo have collaborated with major labels and celebrities. Some of their artworks have been showcased in London, Singapore and Shanghai.


MTs Explore Creativity with no Boundaries
Hysan endeavors to bring diversity to local art and culture by hosting a variety of cultural and artistic activities, some of which are led by the youngest members of the company. The Group’s Pop-art Series is certainly an exciting challenge for the MTs. They are given the chance to lead and commission art and culture projects. The aim is to sharpen their creativity as well as to train their execution abilities. Through the process, the new Hysan members also bring new ideas and vigour to the normal working environment. The Cityscape is the payoff of the MTs’ hard work. They described the project as an invaluable learning experience. “We spent over a year on this project, from ideas to execution. There had been challenges but we overcame them and we are very happy with what we have achieved. We communicated, we compromised. We tried and pushed, and we reflected on the goods and bads. Now that the spectacular piece is taking over the Lee Garden One core space at least for a few months, we are really thrilled and hope visitors can come by and be touched by this special piece of art.”

The Cityscape is now available at the podium of Lee Garden One from 8am to 9pm till 31 March 2020. At 8am – 9:30am, 1pm – 2:30pm & 5:30pm – 7pm, exclusive music performance is also accompanied with the exhibition.


About the Pop Art & Culture Campaign
This campaign is dedicated to publicly sharing the love and enjoyment of culture. Hysan Development believes that art and culture are part of our everyday lives and should be easily accessible to all. Culture cannot be defined or confined; it is organic and develops freely over time, enriching our surroundings with meaning and promoting unity and creativity in our community as it evolves. As part of this vision, Hysan Development regularly invites visitors to enjoy different art and cultural events throughout the Lee Gardens Area. We also established the art and living space Urban Sky on 9/F Hysan Place especially for this purpose. By creating a casual cultural oasis in the heart of downtown, we can provide the public with ongoing opportunities to appreciate culture and promote the popularisation and development of inclusive art.