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If you would like to take your career to the next level, we invite you to apply for one of the current job openings.

With Hysan, you will join a dynamic team of property professionals committed to the highest industry standards. You will also have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to advance your career.

We focus on talent management, attracting, retaining, developing and motivating the very best individuals. Special emphasis is given to three major areas: performance management and reward, learning and development, and internal communications.

Human Resources Policies

We have a set of comprehensive human resources policies and a well-structured system to support everything we do in regard to human resources. Our Employment and Staffing Policy states our policies on recruitment, employee movement, salary adjustments and promotions, separation of employment, and equal employment opportunities, including non-discrimination against gender, marital status, disability, age, race, family status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, colour, descent, national or ethnic origins, nationality and religion.

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Our stance against discrimination is also one of the focuses of our Code of Ethics. During 2014, we did not identify any material non-compliance or breach of legislations related to equal opportunities. As Hysan’s core leasing business is in Hong Kong, we believe Hysan does not operate in environments with high exposure to risk concerning human or labour rights. Hysan respects the right of association and ensures employees enjoy the freedom of joining trade unions. During 2014, we have not identified any material breach of any right to exercise freedom of association and freedom of joining trade unions for our core operations. While Hysan does not have a collective bargaining policy or a collective bargaining agreement in place, we strongly support mutual communications between company management and employees. We are committed to observing good employment practices and have written policies on compensation, work hours, staff training, health and safety, as well as grievance mechanisms. We aim to have a constructive dialogue with our employees. Employees are also encouraged to express their opinions to senior management through the Staff Intranet website and its Employee Feedback Corner. All emails received will be addressed by senior management in the strictest confidence.Moreover, we fully comply with labour or other relevant legislation, which includes the prohibition of child labour and forced labour. In 2014, we did not breach any legislation related to these areas. Through a cross-company compliance programme, we closely monitor our compliance with applicable legislation outlined above.