We maintain a holistic approach to our retail portfolio in order to deliver a brand with a quality and experience which is unique to Lee Gardens. The portfolio is home to a wide range of retailers with quality products available at different price points.

This multi-faceted yet integrated shopping environment combines street-front shops with a variety of shopping malls, complemented by a vibrant streetscape in a low-rise neighbourhood. With a wide range of merchandise, services, and food and beverage offerings, this diversified shopping and lifestyle experience appeals to many different customer target groups.

Lee Gardens retail_a2

While different parts of our retail portfolio have their own characteristics, the portfolio should be considered in a more holistic manner. Lee Gardens is a unique community, where the avenue and streets are spacious and green, forming a calming sanctuary from the buzz of busy, fast moving Causeway Bay. Heritage low rise buildings blend into state-of-the-art high rise buildings. Those who live, work, eat and shop in Lee Gardens form an emotional attachment to the community. They have felt and will continue to feel at home at Lee Gardens for generations to come. Lee Gardens is a front-of-mind destination, both for locals and visitors.

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