Hysan’s roots run deep in Causeway Bay, which over the decades has grown to become one of the world’s busiest retail and commercial hubs. The founding Lee family’s involvement in the area reflects Hysan’s commitment to sustainable development long before it became fashionable.


Lee Hysan acquires his first plot of land in Causeway Bay, then known as East Point.

In 1923, the Lee Garden Amusement Park is constructed, making Causeway Bay a popular destination for entertainment.

Nearby, the Lee Theatre is built on the land acquired by the Lee family for staging Chinese opera and other world-class cultural performances.


The Second World War brought a temporary end to development in Hong Kong; after the war Causeway Bay once again began to rebuild and grow.


Major land reclamations fill in the shoreline of Causeway Bay. Lee Garden Hill is levelled and much of the rock and earth from the site is used to form the foundation of Victoria Park.

New streets are built, many of them named after the Lee family ancestral villages and famous village personalities.


Work begins on what would become the Lee Gardens Hotel. The original building is used for commercial purposes.

The opening of Causeway Bay’s first Japanese department store dramatically changes the retail landscape of the area.


The Lee Gardens Hotel opens its doors and quickly becomes a favourite with international tourists.


In 1981, Hysan Development Company Limited is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange — a special milestone for the Company.

Japanese department store Mitsukoshi sets up shop in Hysan’s Hennessy Centre.

1990s to the present day

The original Lee Theatre is demolished in 1991, making way for Lee Theatre Plaza which becomes a new shopping and entertainment hub in the area.

The Lee Gardens Hotel is demolished to make way for The Lee Gardens/Lee Gardens One, a high-end shopping mall/office complex completed in 1997.

Hysan continues to grow into a leading property investment, development and management company in Hong Kong, with an office, retail and residential portfolio of over 4 million square feet.

Hysan Place, a green commercial building that conforms to the highest international standards of sustainability, is unveiled in 2012. Today, it is one of Hong Kong’s best loved retail and office destinations.