A Rising Star in our Ranks

Our People

It has only been a year since Tsang Chiu Yin joined Hysan Development as a Building Services Mechanic, but in that short time he has experienced plenty of changes in his attitude to life, especially when it comes to his work.

“To be honest, I was pretty clueless when I first started work here last year,” said Yin. “I was still a 1st year student being trained under an apprentice training scheme. I guess I was just like most kids of my age when they take on real-life jobs. I have always had an interest in fixing things, and having taken the scheme offered by Hysan I am developing my skills in plumbing maintenance.”

Yin was not the only freshman under the scheme. As 2014 was the first year Hysan offered a course for apprentices, even our seasoned Technical Services colleagues were taking on unfamiliar teaching roles.

“The good thing,” said Edmond Cheng, Senior Manager, Technical Services, “was that we had a structured training programme planned, plus patient and knowledgeable colleagues as teachers and attentive trainees as students.”

Among those apprentices was Yin, who stood tall even among the good apprentices. He knew he didn’t have any engineering academic qualifications or hands-on experience. So he kept asking questions and requesting opportunities to improve his technical skills. He also made the effort to review his own performance and identify areas of weakness. The supervisors were impressed.

“Yin was introduced to us through the Government’s Youth Employment and Training Programme, or ‘YETP’ as it is more commonly known. Our colleagues were impressed enough by Yin that they nominated him as a candidate for the ‘Most Improved Trainees Award of YETP 2015,’” said Edmond.

Around 100 promising youngsters were nominated for the awards, and we are happy to report that Yin won one of the top ten awards after a series of checks and interviews by a professional panel.

“We are very happy for him,” said Edmond, “and we are glad that our first-year programme is heading in the right direction.”

So what’s next for Yin? “Work hard and ask more questions!” he said. “I want to learn more and then try to get more qualifications. My aim is to be a professional engineer.”

A big hand for our Building Management Team colleagues – we hope there will be many more stars just like Yin rising through our ranks in future!